We Love Startups

We loves 7 principles

1. Independence 2. Responsibility 3. Self-Discipline 4. Leadership 5. Initiative 6. Success 7. Learning throughout life.

We love memberships

Get access to our amazing events, tips and news. Discover resources and tools for every entrepreneur.


Our progams aren't only for Tech Startups, we also allow the freelancer, SME and nonprofit to benefit from the network through a program specifically dedicated to each type of structure and sector. Signing into the programs is subject to prior admission by our selection committee, which will be followed by a meeting in order to establish a personalized follow-up strategy. All our programs are designed for your success


From story-thinking to story-building, we build strategic design for creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits.


Dyslexic entrepreneurs are gifted problem solvers. To succeed, being different is often an asset. Join us to share your strong points in a suitable environment for your difference. All programs are built for your empowerment.


Come start your business story with us. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, creators adopt the startups mindset. Tech teams strengthen your knowledges, create opportunities and add values to your brand.

We Love Startups is an innovative structure that has a unique creative ecosystem where the tech partners can develop quickly and calmly. We have a global network, with which entrepreneurs can work, meet, collaborate, network, learn and have fun.

We put you in touch with the actors that matter for your business: from investors to reporters.

Be part of a working network which understands your problems and can help you find immediate solutions. Make friends, find mentors and tie business relations. Get immediate advice, stay motivated and be inspired by a prepared and creative ecosystem which surrounds you. We support your growth while promoting your independence. WLS will allow you to take flight with your own wings.

We will help you to stand out of the crowd . You will benefit from regular SEO / SEM training and our 7 stories strategy workshops tailored to your project.