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We love entrepreneurs  ( Discover – Emerge – Focus )

Our team invite you to craft your own original project beginning with these special start head programs and story strategies : Discover, Emerge, Focus.

We do advice, support in creativity for the development of the entrepreneurship. Our workshops are design for small groups and one to one sessions. The team are developing new programs every day, so feel free to ask your on demand workshops. We can answer your special request and make it happen for you and your team !

We help with marketing  & communication, SEO, personal branding, market study & strategies, pitching, Hacking creativity, creative problems solving, bootstrapping, fundraising and more.

Learn more about our Start programs :    1 ) DISCOVER – 2)  EMERGE – 3) FOCUS  – 4 ) ON DEMAND WORKSHOP

Here’s a few questions to get to know you. We boost your entrepreneurship, atypical mind & leadership. Talk soon.