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We love entrepreneurs  ( Discover – Emerge – Focus )

Our team invite you to craft your own original project beginning with these special start head programs and stories strategies : Discover, Emerge, Focus.

We do advice, support in creativity for the development of the entrepreneurship. Our services are design for small groups and one to one sessions. We are developing new programs every day, so feel free to ask your on demand workshops. We can answer your special request and make it happen for you and your team !

Turn ideas into real & extraordinary projects. 

DISCOVER : Become the Hero of your own entrepreneur journey. Step by step, learn about key processes who lead to creating extraordinary product and companies. Our workshops and sessions set up clues to push discovering strengths and learn how to turn weakness into advantages. Those step by step programs are for creators & futurs founders of small business, freelancing business, startups and nonprofits. You are unique, we design personalized programs around your goals. We make it special for you and your team. You’re motivate about moving forwards with your idea, we’re here to help you work out how to get to the next stage, for guidance on proving that there’s something commercially viable behind your idea, and make it happen. Our services are interactive, playful, and adjustable to each work paths. We encourage pro-activities  and social intelligence behaviour.

Set goals, learn from your mistake, challenge yourself and celebrate victories.

EMERGE : We Love startups help every projects leader to face challenges. These services are dedicated to founders  of small businesses, startups, freelancers. We work also for big corporations’ HR managers and agiles profiles interested in creative service for change and innovation. Our workshops leads you to expect the unexpected, encourage you to master business tools and to learn to fail but not to hit the wall.

Focus, welcome change and be ready for what come next.

FOCUS :  The working world is influenced by external changes. These developments transform our way of living and working. Jobs disappear and will continue to disappear, others will appear. Jobs that do not exist today will become frequent.  What is certain is that the future workforce will have to acquire new skills to adapt to this new world. Each workshop takes all factors into account to answer questions about the job skills needed in the next five years.

Here’s a few questions to get to know you. We boost your entrepreneurship, atypical mind & leadership. Talk soon.