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List of incubators, accelerators and startups lab.

At we love startups, we do believe that entrepreneurs have different ways of working and developing. To be successful, you need to choose what suit you best. Here a list of Parisian incubators, accelerators, from traditional education program, MBA stylish incubator, institutional, big corporation’s accelerators to playful empowering learning programs. You decide !

We Love startups Paris http://welovestartups.net
L’accélerateur Paris http://laccelerateur.fr/
The family Paris http://www.thefamily.co/#welcome
Numa Paris http://www.numa.paris/
Startup leadership program Paris ( Nonprofit ) Paris http://startupleadership.fr/
50 partners Paris http://www.leloft50partners.com/
Spark ( microsoft ) Paris https://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/#start-two
Paris & co Paris http://www.parisandco.paris/
Le Cargo Paris http://www.lecargo.paris/
1000 startups / halle Freysinet Paris http://halle-freyssinet.com/
Le comptoir accelerateur ( for 18-30 YO ) Paris http://www.le-comptoir.co/
Paris Pionieres Paris www.parispionnieres.org
le tremplin Paris http://www.letremplin.paris/
Dojoboost Paris http://dojo.fr/
Welcome city lab ( Paris and co ) Paris http://www.welcomecitylab.com/
la paillasse ( nonprofit ) Paris http://lapaillasse.org/
Smart food paris ( paris and co ) Paris http://incubateurs.parisandco.com/smart-food-paris
Immobilier de demain ( paris and co ) Paris http://incubateurs.parisandco.com/programme/7021
Social Good lab ( Paris and co ) Paris http://incubateurs.parisandco.com/technologies-sociales
E santé ( Paris and co ) Paris http://incubateurs.parisandco.com/programme/5536
tektos ( SNCF ) Paris http://tektos.co/home-fr/
Residence creatis Paris http://www.residencecreatis.fr/
Social Factory partenaire de la ruche Paris http://social-factory.org/
Paris Tech entrepreneurs Paris http://entrepreneurs.telecom-paristech.fr/
Xlr Capital Paris http://xlr.fr/
Nextstars Paris http://www.nextstars.fr/#/
le village by CA Paris http://www.levillagebyca.com/
Agoranov Paris http://www.agoranov.com/
Science po entrepreneur Paris www.sciencespo.fr/entrepreneurs
Pepiniere 27 Paris http://www.pepiniere27.fr/
104 factory ( Le cent Quatre ) Paris http://www.104factory.fr/104factory/
D-incubator ( paris Dauphine ) Paris https://dauphincubator.wordpress.com/
Boucicault ( Paris and co ) Paris http://incubateurs.parisandco.com/boucicaut
Le comptoir de l’innovation Paris http://www.lecomptoirdelinnovation.com/